Bronze Bushed Idler Sprockets


Bronze-bushed idlers are extremely robust. Bronze is used due to the fact that it self-lubricates cost-effective, efficient, and simple to put into sprockets. The bronze bushed sprockets we offer are made from high-quality bronze and high-strength heat-treated sprockets.

The sprocket is classified as an idler with needle bearing because of the needle bearing placed into the sprocket. In addition, this idler sprocket was developed to be extremely robust and efficient, being made of the finest steel and other components to make an idler sprocket that has excellent performance and long life.

  • Durable & High-Performance Sprocket
  • Uses High-Quality Bronze Bushing
  • Fully Meets All ANSI Standards
Sprocket Size Number Of Teeth Chain Size Outside Diameter Bore Size Weight
31E20 20 #35 2.60″ 1/2″ 0.46 LBS
41E15 15 #41 – #40 2.65″ 1/2″ 0.50 LBS
51E15 15 50 3.32″ 1/2″ 0.70 LBS
61E14 14 60 3.74″ 1/2″ 0.92 LBS