Micro gear motors

The Micro Gear Motors by Ever-power provides hobbyists and robotics enthusiasts with a cost effective solution to their motor requirements. The micro gear engine is capable of supplying up to 1650g. cm of torque; with this kind of a little size, these fantastic little motors hold their personal against complex and demanding tasks. Take a glance under the specifications tab to learn more on ordering and torque/rpm figures.

Also available is the MB7 Bracket, which is featured in another of the product images and can make mounting the gear motor a simple task, requiring just two Transmission Chain screws to attach the assembly on your application.
All the micro metallic gearmotors possess the same physical sizes, so one version could be quickly swapped for another if your style requirements change.
Long (9mm), 3 mm-diameter D-shaped metal output shaft.
4.5mm long, 1mm diameter back shaft, great for optical encoders!