China 175-15-42322—D155D135D355SD32 dozer transmission carrier sprocket bar

Condition: New
Relevant Industries: contruction machinery
Showroom Spot: None
Online video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Equipment Check Report: Offered
Advertising Type: Regular Product
Guarantee: 1 Calendar year
Element identify: one hundred seventy five-15-42322
Quality: a hundred seventy five-fifteen-05715
Materials: one hundred seventy five-15-05714
MOQ: a hundred seventy five-27-31463
Colour: 175-27-31394
Machine model: 175-fifteen-05713
Shipping and delivery: one hundred seventy five-15-05712
Name: 175-15-41160
Deal: one hundred seventy five-15-05711
Payment: dozer D155/D150 torque converter transmission closing travel sprocket hub
Packaging Particulars: woode nbox
Port: ZheJiang

PN :one hundred seventy five-fifteen-42322Machine :dozer SD32 transmission carrierModel :D155/SD32/D355Material :casting Gurantee : 1 Yr
154-thirteen-41150.154-13-42720.154-43-42521.154-thirteen-41123.bulldozer parts


oneTorque Converter 8E 0571
2Torque Converter 6P6849
threeTorque Converter Ass’yone hundred seventy five-thirteen-21081
fourTorque Converter Ass’yone hundred forty four-thirteen-21000
fiveTorque Converter Ass’y144-thirteen-11001
sixTorque Converter Ass’yone hundred seventy five-13-00300
7Torque Converter Ass’ya hundred and forty four-thirteen-11000
eightTorque Converter Ass’y1995135C1
9Torque Converter Ass’y39 0571 five
10Torque Converter Ass’y1T 0571
elevenTorque Converter Ass’y1T0611
twelveTorque Converter Ass’y6P6849
thirteenTorque Converter Ass’y134-13-00110
14Torque Converter Ass’ Large Good quality TS3ZFD-104-2830 Locking Assemblies plate spring coupling for stepmotor link exceptional response Sizzling Sale y16Y-11-00000
15Torque Converter Ass’y14X-13-21012
16Torque Converter Ass’y3P4680
seventeenTorque Converter Ass’y04/501400
eighteenTorque Converter Ass’y04/500800
19Torque Converter Ass’y04/55710
twentyTorque Converter Ass’y154-thirteen-41002
21Torque Converter Ass’y154-13-5712
22Torque Services Kit23012606
23Torque Services Package16Y-eleven-11111
24Torque Converter86993548
25Torque Converter 144-13-0571
26Torque Converter 154-13-51002
27Torque Converter Ass’y2126215
28Torque Converter Ass’y04/600650
29Torque Converter Ass’y04/600784
thirtyTorque Converter Ass’y04/600786
31Torque Converter Provider Package144-13- 0571 1
32Torque Converter Support Package14X-13-5710
33Torque Converter Services Package144-thirteen-05011
34Torque Converter Services Packageone hundred forty four-thirteen- 0571 one
35Torque Converter Ass’ Coupling maker limited without flex flange kind universal coupling SWC315WD forged iron cardan shaft U-joint sizzling sale y14X-13-0571
36Torque Converter Provider Package154-thirteen-5710
37Torque Converter Provider Package154-thirteen-5711
38Torque Converter Service Package154-thirteen-05200
39Torque Converter Services Package154-13-05202
40Torque Converter Provider Kit15A-thirteen-05011
forty oneTorque Converter Service Kit175-13- 0571 1
forty twoTorque Converter Service Kita hundred seventy five-thirteen-05011
43Torque Converter Support Kit175-thirteen-05014
44Torque Converter Ass’y711-50-00300
forty fiveTorque Converter Services Package711-fifty three-05040
forty sixTorque Converter Services Kit195-thirteen-5713
forty sevenTorque Converter Ass’y711-52-11000
forty eightTorque Converter Ass’y154-thirteen-61000
49Torque Converter Support Kit14X-thirteen- 0571 1
fiftyTorque Converter Ass’yone hundred seventy five-thirteen-21007
fifty oneTorque Converter Support Package195-thirteen-5710
shantui loader :SL20.SL30.SL50.SL60 etcshantui grader:SG14.SG16.SG18.SG21 etcshantui rollder:SR12.SR14.SR16.SR18.SR20.SR22.SR26.CZPT excavator:SE60.SE130.SE210.SE220.SE240.SE330.360.CZPT excavator serial : PC30. PC40. PC50. PC60. PC100 . PC200.PC400. CZPT bulldozer serial:D20.D50.D60.D85.D155.D355.D475.
1175-49-23221 final generate situation, L.Hone
04260-57140last drive circumstance, R.Hone
twoa hundred seventy five-49-23230 gaskettwo
three07000-5711 flangetwo
4one hundred seventy five-forty nine-23211 bolt16
five07000-57155 washersixteen
657110-50620 equipment, drive2
seven01602-20619 bearing, rollertwo
857110-51035 cage, bearingtwo
tena hundred seventy five-49-21510seal, oil2
1157110-51230 bolt16
1201643-31232washer, oilsixteen
thirteen 0571 3-24346washer2
1401599-57110washer, WSD variety cross axle common coupling Specialist Customized Substantial Quality cardan shaft connector electrical power transmission locktwo
fifteen01643-31032 nut2
sixteen5710-2571 bolttwo
seventeena hundred seventy five-49-23340 cover2
1901602-21030 .5mm shim .5mm(175-27-31180)four
.2mm shim .2mm(a hundred seventy five-27-31190)2
.1mm shim .1mm(one hundred seventy five-27-31210)1
20one hundred seventy-09-13220bearing, rollertwo
21175-27-31233 equipment, small2
22one hundred seventy five-27-31255 gear2
23175-27-31260 key6
24a hundred seventy five-27-31270washer2
25175-27-31282 bracketfour
26one hundred seventy five-27-32470washer, lockfour
28170-09-13230bearing, roller2
29170-09-13240 bearing, rollertwo
30one hundred seventy five-27-31291cover2
31175-27-00061 shim ass’y2
.1mm shim .1mm(175-27-31310)one
1.2mm shim 1.2mm(175-27-31320)two
.5mm shim .5mm(a hundred seventy five-27-31330)four
3357110-52055 boltseventy two
3401602-22060 washer, springseventy two
3607049-57125 pin, taper4
3807040-13618 plug2
forty07044-13620 bolttwo
4257110-52050 boltfour
4301602-22060 washer, spring4
forty four57110-51640 bolt8
4501602-21648 washer, spring8
forty sixone hundred seventy five-27-32611 guard, L.H1
one hundred seventy five-27-32641 guard, seventeen Inch Supermoto Wheel Hub Aluminium Alloy Rims For CZPT Wr250f Wr450f 2003-2571 R.Hone
forty seven57110-52455 bolt16
4801602-22472washer, springsixteen
forty nine07040-13618 plugtwo
5007002-03634 O-ringtwo
51one hundred seventy five-27-31530 platetwo
52one hundred seventy five-27-31540plate, lock4
fifty three57110-51230bolt8
5401602-21236 washertwo


Sprocket Basics

When it comes to sprockets, it’s important to understand the basics of design. This includes chain size and number of teeth. The number of teeth will vary depending on the type of chain and application. When determining the number of teeth, the angle between the teeth should be at least 360 degrees.


There are many factors to consider when choosing the correct sprocket size. The first thing to do is to determine if the sprocket is a double sprocket or a single sprocket. Also available in a variety of sizes. To determine the exact size, you should measure the distance between the grooves of the sprocket teeth and their opposite tooth slots. The distance between these two points is called the caliper diameter.
The size of the sprockets also varies depending on the type of chain. Large sprockets have arms, while smaller sprockets usually don’t. The arms reduce weight and inertia, making them more economical to operate. Some sprockets also have openings, which make them easier to assemble and disassemble. Some sprockets are also plated for a stronger construction. Some sprockets are manufactured with flame or induction hardened parts.
Sprockets are often used in conveyors, pallet conveyors and other conveying systems. The size of the sprocket should match the size of the chain. A caliper will help you determine if the sprocket has worn teeth. Another way to identify worn sprockets is to measure their diameter.
In addition to size, sprockets should have the correct pitch and center distance. This will help keep the roller chain taut. The chain should be clean and properly lubricated. There should be a small gap between the pin and bushing so that oil can pass through the sprocket and chain. In addition to this, the center-to-center distance between the chain and the sprocket should be at least 1.5 times the diameter of the sprocket.
The chain should have at least 17 teeth, which is common in the industry. Having smaller spacing will reduce mechanical losses and noise. However, larger sprocket sizes are best for applications with higher workloads.


Sprockets are mechanical parts that mesh with the chain to move the chain. It is made of metal or reinforced plastic and usually resembles a gear. It is a gear design for a specific type of chain. Most sprocket and chain systems work the same way, although they vary in material and pitch.
There are three basic types of sprockets: single-strand, double-strand, and triple-strand. The length and number of teeth for each type are specified by various standards. For reference, the ISO-DIN standard is shown. Most sprockets are made of alloy steel and are case hardened and tempered in the tooth area. They also have a hub and a key for mounting.
Metal sprockets can be made of steel or aluminum alloys. While steel is a more durable material, aluminum sprockets are more attractive. Steel is the best material for long rides, while aluminum sprockets are better for casual riding.
In addition to automotive and industrial applications, sprockets are used in oil and gas, textile machinery, instrumentation and mechanical transmission. Many types of sprockets are interchangeable with each other. For added protection, they can also be galvanized to prevent rust. The main methods of galvanizing sprockets are hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing.
Sprockets are usually made of steel or aluminum. Their design is similar to that of gears, although they are more widely spaced than their counterparts. They can also span longer distances than gears, allowing them to be used for power transmission.


A chain drive is a common type of mechanical transmission in which sprockets are used to help reduce the speed of a moving object. Sprockets can have horizontal, vertical or inclined pitch and are usually used in pairs. The teeth of the sprocket mesh with the rollers on the drive chain, reducing the speed. These sprockets are usually made of metal, but can also be made of plastic or composite materials.
The role of the sprocket is to transmit motion from the output shaft of the engine to the rear wheels. For this, the front sprocket needs to rotate at the same speed as the engine output shaft. It can be mounted either on the drive track or on the front of the vehicle. A third sprocket can be connected to the drive track. In addition, the front sprocket is used to pull the drive chain. This will help transfer power from the engine to the rear wheels, allowing the motorcycle to travel forward. The side plates of the chain also help transmit chain tension.
The bushings are subjected to the tension applied to the chain as it passes through the sprockets thousands of times per minute. This puts pressure on the pin inside the bushing. Additionally, the pins must withstand bending and shearing forces transmitted from the plate to the bushing. The pins must also withstand impact and have high tensile strength. If the pin is worn, it will need to be replaced or repaired.
Sprockets power the chain-driven motion system and carry heavy loads. Proper selection of sprockets can prevent damage to your equipment. To do this, you need to select the appropriate sprocket based on the type of assembly and system specification.


Sprocket maintenance is an important part of motorcycle maintenance. Failure to do so will result in frequent chain changes and additional costs. Regular maintenance of your chain will help ensure your chain will last 30,000 miles or more. By comparison, a poorly maintained chain only lasts 10,000 miles.
Checking the sprocket is very easy. First, remove the chain and align it. Next, check for any foreign objects. If you see a damaged sprocket, you need to replace it. If you can’t replace a worn sprocket, you can buy a new chain. However, the new chain will not last as long as the old one.
Check for signs of rust. Rust can form on the chain due to exposure to humidity and heat. When the pins or rollers get rusted, the seals are damaged. If the pins or rollers are rusted, it’s time to replace the chain.
Regular maintenance of the chain is important to prevent kinks and slippage. This can cause excessive wear on the sprockets and chain. If the teeth are worn, the chain will not be able to properly grip the sprocket, resulting in difficult shifting and severe vibration.
If your chain is several years old, it is important to lubricate it every few months to prevent rust. It is also important to clean the chain thoroughly before lubricating to keep it clean and lubricated. Non-petroleum-based cleaners can help remove grit that may have built up. If you use the chain for a long time, you will need to clean it every 300-600 miles.

China 175-15-42322—D155D135D355SD32 dozer transmission carrier     sprocket barChina 175-15-42322—D155D135D355SD32 dozer transmission carrier     sprocket bar
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