C and CFR Type Performance Data

C Variety Flex-Flex Couplings
The C Variety coupling consists of two flex hubs, a single sleeve and a single accessory kit consisting of seals and snap rings.
CFR Style Flex-Rigid Couplings
The CFR Variety coupling consist of 1 flex hub, 1 rigid hub, 1 sleeve, 1 accessory kit consisting of seals and snap rings.
Simple and affordable form of gear coupling
All steel sleves and hubs
Reinforced rubber seals with snap rings to hold lubricant in place
Available as vertical and horizontal couplings
Wide number of particular variations like full-flex, flex-rigid mill motor
Typical configurations are available of your shelf
Ordering Data
Application: Driver and Driven.
Kind and size of coupling, horizontal, vertical and so forth.
Power: Motor horspower or torque requirement.
Pace: Motor RPM or Driven RPM.
Distance amongst shaft ends (BSE).
Shaft sizes.
C and CFR Kind Couplings
Ordering Details
Puller Holes are conventional on sizes four by means of twelve.
Puller Holes can be found for sizes 7/8 by means of three.5 at an extra charge.
The BSE (distance In between Shaft Ends) may well vary among G and G1.
Interference bores without any set screws are typical unless of course otherwise specified.
Inch bores and keyway tolerances conform to ANSI / AGMA 9002-B04.
For metric bores and keyway tolerances, talk to Engineering Segment.
Greater sizes can be found, please check with Technical Help.