Sprockets for Free Flow Chains

Free Flow Chains have dimensional restraints and so require particular sprockets.
Tsubaki offers sprockets for Dual In addition Chains, sprockets for Dual Plus Chains with top rollers, and sprockets for RS Chain with outboard rollers.
Product Lineup
Product Types / Features
Sprockets for Double Plus Chain/Center Roller Chain
Sprockets for Dual Plus Chain/Middle Roller Chain. May be used with Dual Plus Chain with snap covers.

Sprockets for Double Plus Chain with Outboard Rollers
Make use of Sprockets for Double Plus Chain.
Sprockets for RS Chain with Outboard Rollers
Outboard rollers on RS Chain with outboard rollers might hinder sprockets sprocket hubs depending on the number of sprocket teeth. Use this special sprocket rather.
Sprockets for Double In addition Chain with Best Rollers
R Rollers on Double In addition Chain with Top Rollers may cause interference with standard sprocket teeth. Utilize this special sprocket instead.
Sprockets for RS Chain with Top Rollers
Use Drive Sprockets.