short pitch roller chain

Product Introduction
The chain is widely applied in mechanical drive of such industries as chemical substance engineering, textile machinery, food processing, instrument and meter and petroleum;
The structure of driving chain is composed of inner link and outer link. Made up of the five small parts, including internal chain plate, external chain plate, pin, Transmission Chain sleeve and pin roller, the chain’s quality depends upon the quality of pin and sleeve.
Technical Parameters
1. Pitch (mm): 8.00-88.900;
2. Roller diameter (mm): 5.00-53.98;
3. Internal distance between two inside connectors (mm): 3.00-53.34;
4. Pin diameter (mm): 2.31-34.32;
5. Typical tensile load (kN): 10.2-1760.0.
Executive Standard
SY/T5595 API7F
Warranty Period
12 months after ERUI ex-warehouse