Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor

Oil-free Air Compressor
EP is always doing work for high technology of air compressor. After developing of water lubrication oil free screw atmosphere compressor, we continue develop the two-stage compression of 4.0 Mpa oil free screw air compressor screw air compressor specifications such as for example JB/T 11882-2014 . Oil-free scroll atmosphere compressor is a fresh design and developed by HL which differs from any others scroll atmosphere compressor in the world. HL scroll atmosphere compressor more sensible structure, good high temperature dissipation, longer using existence, better stability, air-end 24 months warrantly as well as the only 1 who can manufacture 1.2Mpa scroll air compressor in the global.

Oil-totally free scroll air compressor features :

1、High precision & inventive design air-end, longer service time and 2 years warranty
2、Using permanent magnet motor,compressor efficiency can be improved 10%
3、Motor is linked with air-end directly, without belt,coupling,no require adjustment, super low noise
4、PLCcontroller display discharge temperature, pressure,procedure time, maintenance stay and fault alarm,etc.

Working basic principle of oil-free scroll air compressor

Air compressor procedures which is noticed by the movement of rotor and stator. The air flow is certainly sucked From the side of air-end, rotor seals the compression chamber and air flow is compressed steadily along with rotor movement and compression chamber become smaller sized. Compressed air flow discharged from the guts of stator. That is a continues procedures, the discharged compressed atmosphere Is smooth no fluctuation.

The motion of rotor refer figure 1-4 (suction-compression-exhaust).The suction air is steadily Compressed in the smaller and smaller compression chamber because of rotor and stator movement, at last the compressed air is discharged from the center discharge hole.

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