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Whenever you use drive belts, chains or friction drives you will look for a require for re-tensioning. Over time, vibration and friction can lead to slipping or unnecessary wear on your machinery’s electrical motors or belts. The ultimate way to account for that is to make sure your electric motors could be adjusted to pay for these problems by using electric engine slide bases. These allow you to accurately modify the mounted electric motor’s lateral placement to the millimeter.
Motor Slide Bottom: This model demonstrates the use of a time conserving technique called a Smart Component. A GOOD Component allows you to associate or “package together” other necessary elements and features when putting a part within an assembly. The linked parts and features will be automatically placed along with the sensible component by choosing the couple of reference faces. This particular example can be used to quickly place a motor framework with the associated installation holes and hardware.
This model also has mate reference included which is another way to be better when assembly modeling. It’ll automatically add one or more mates without needing to choose multiple mate entities and the kind of mate. A Design Table is used to generate four sample configurations which can be very easily modified to add more framework sizes. Download this document to understand about becoming better when working in assemblies.
Motor slide base made of steel
Steel Motor slide foundation is a straightforward alternative to the normal clamping rails.
The motor is directly attached on the installed electric motor slide vase and the belt drive is stretched on the basic degree of the slide foundation. The installation is less time-eating and the setting is easier.
The “Mono Plate“ version consists of an assembly board which cannot be adjusted to between the motor feet.
With the “Duo Plate“ version, the assembly plank is divided and only 1 side is led with the adjusting screw (tensioning screw). The plates could be moved independently that allows a specific variation with the electric motor feet distance.
The high quality galvanized surface or the cathodic dip painting (KTL) guarantee longevity with both versions and an easy use even under critical conditions. In addition they are extremely torsion-resistant due to unique workmanship of the steel profiles.
Because of the varied slot design you may reach a certain variability to attach upon different motors with the „Mono Plate“ version as well.
As the “Mono Plate” version is preferred since it is more steady, as long as the exact distance between your motor feet is well known.
Another advantage is usually that the slide bases are simple to handle and light in weight.
Possible applications for the products include pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, spring loaded or vibration isolating mechanisms plus much more.
NEMA Frame 445T Motor Slide Base
Double Adjusting
Adjusting Bolt is 3/4″
Motor Installation Bolts are 3/4″
Typically applied to 150 HP Motors operating at 1200 or 1800 RPM.
Weight: 70 lbs
Product sizes: 32″x27″x6″
pdblowers PN 54140 (modified 54140.P)

Modified base designed for enhanced strength and durability
After using adjustable motor bases for many years on hundreds of blower packages, pdblowers is rolling out several upgrades that make the motor bases a lot more durable and simple to use. Starting with the typical 445T motor bottom, our fabrication team makes the next modifications: Motor slide base
Welded Corners – The created corners of the bare slide bases are welded collectively to add durability and power to the entire base
Pressing Bolts – In two opposing corners, nuts are welded to the base framework and fitted with 6″ zinc-plated metal bolts. These pressing bolts are accustomed to help position the motor and change the alignment without having to put push on the adjusting screws that may otherwise quickly become stripped.
Durable Paint Finish – After the modifications are made, the bottom receives a primer coat of Sherwin-Williams KEM KROMIK, a rust inhibiting, corrosion resistant phenolic alkyd resin primer, followed by a finish coat of Sherwin-Williams SHER-KEM® high gloss metal finishing enamel.
These modified bases are kept in stock for use on all pdblowers blower packages and will be purchased individually.
Universal motor slide bases can be utilized to mount NEMA regular electric motors. Fabricated from steel and covered with primer for rugged, lasting reliability, these engine slide bases simplify the adjustment, alignment, and positioning of electric motors. Perfect for fine engine positioning, tightening of belts, and alignment applications.

Product Features
Bases are provided with washers
Bases are painted with an oven-baked primer for better get in touch with of customer’s paint
All “D” bolts (electric motor mounting bolts) are welded into position to avoid spinning and “dropping” from slots
All “D” bolts are set to the specific foot pattern of the electric motor to aid in easier motor installation
Exact drop-in alternative to all major make slide bases
One adjusting screws for frames 56-145T
Double adjusting screws for frames 182T-505T
The main purpose of a slide base is to allow the customer to modify the motor’s position to insure proper tension on their belting apparatus.
Motor slide base
The slide base is a one piece steel installation apparatus (with floor installation holes and adjustable electric motor mounting bolts). When setting up, the base ought to be safely anchored as close to its operating placement as possible. The electric motor should then be positioned on the slide bottom and the belting system configured. Position the motor therefore the proper tension comes to the belts and tighten the engine in place.

Slide bases could be supplied for horizontal frames 140T through 449T, and are specific to each frame. Frames 140T – 365T possess one adjustable screw and 404T – 449T possess two adjustable screws.
56 – 505U Frame Size in Stock;
56 – 145T Frames are Single-Adjusting Screw Type;
182T – 505U Frames are Double-Adjusting Screw Type
Bases are Provided with Washers
Primed with Oven-Baked Primer for Easy Painting (Color: Black)
All “D” Bolts (or Motor Installation Bolts) are Welded into Position to Prevent Spinning and Dropping from the Slots
All “D” Bolts (or Motor Installation Bolts) are Fixed to the Exact Foot Design of the Electric motor to Aid in Easier Motor Installation
Three (3) Year Warranty
Field Installed Adjustable Electric motor Slide Base Weighty gauge steel installation bases simplify the installation of motors and make the tensioning, maintenance and substitute of belts a simple efficient task. Fabricated from sheet or metal plate, after that primed and finished in a gray rust and corrosion resistant oven-baked complete.
foundation is meant to fit a size 56 body (56C, 56, 56J) and comes with washers and an oven-baked primer that’s ready for clients paint. All “D” bolts (motor mounting bolts) are welded into placement to prevent spinning and “dropping” from slots, plus all “D” bolts are set to the exact foot design of the motor for easier set up. This motor bottom is a primary drop in alternative to additional brands of slide bases.


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