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equipment rack – A rack is a toothed bar or rod that can be thought of as a sector equipment with an infinitely large radius of curvature. Torque could be converted to linear force by meshing a rack with a pinion: the pinion turns; the rack techniques in a directly line. Such a mechanism can be used in automobiles to convert the rotation of the steering wheel into the left-to-right motion of the tie rod(s). Racks also feature in the theory of gear geometry, where, for instance, the tooth shape of an interchangeable set of gears may be specified for the rack (infinite radius), and the tooth designs for gears of particular real radii are then produced from that. The rack and pinion gear type is employed in a rack railway.

Gear, precision gear trimming, equipment factory Machinable modulus M0.5 ~ M20 / diameter section 4DP-24DP pressure angle 20 degrees / 14.5 degrees. Precision for the 6, 7, 8. Spur Gear planetary gearbox module M1-M4, pressure position 20 degrees, technology stocks, some holes.

Material: 45 # steel, 20CrMmTi, 40Cr, 42CrMo, 38CrMoAl, cast iron, cast steel, stainless, copper, aluminium, bakelite, nylon.

Our products mainly include kinds of Equipment Shafts and Parts to the device to meet up worldwide requirements of various fields such as metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, industry, construction, farming, driving such as lifting, transportation, textile, Printing & dyeing machinery and light sector etc. The products can be made as per AGMA, JIS, BS, DIN or China regular by ISO 9001: 2000 Certified according to customers’ requirements to ensure they are taking pleasure in fast sale & good reputation in the global market.

Foshan LIANYI gear factory mainly include types of spur gear,Worm gear,Bevel equipment,Helical gear,doublehelical equipment,sprocket wheel,to meet worldwide requirements of various fields and the development of industrial gear.