Our linear actuators are often designed based on the mechanical requirements and characteristics of each tracker, and are mounted around the world operating in different weather conditions.

Our range will go from 1.000N to load 200.000N.
Speeds from 400mm / min. to 10mm / min.
Wide variety of mounting positions.
High protection degree to work in desert or high-level humidity environments.

In EP we focus on adapting linear actuators to any solar tracker with the highest mechanical requirements.

Linear Actuators offer best fits for a number of high-tech applications in Solar Monitoring Control System Industry. A few of the more common applications include:

Solar Thermal Manufacturing Equipment;
Turf and Garden Equipment (tractors, cleaning machines, sky lifts, other utility vehicles);
Industrial Apparatus (conveyors, adjustable work tables/platforms, hatch-doors-locks WORM GEAR LINEAR ACTUATOR FOR SOLAR opening/closing);
Health – Fitness, Medical Gear (handicap vehicles, wheel seats, lifting units/beds, gym and therapy equipment);
Office and Home Equipment (automatic/garage doors, lifts, gates, satellite dishes);
Marine boats, ships, and oil rigs (seats, hatches, fire doors, rescue equipment, values, throttles);
Ventilation value controls, process Equipment, etc.