Shaft Clamp

All EPT shaft collars, including quick-clamping collars, are one point faced to make sure perpendicularity and proper alignment. This critical manufacturing step assures precise shaft collar confront to bore relationship leading to correct element positioning on the shaft and actually pressure on interfaced factors.
Quick-clamping shaft collars from EPT are made of high quality lightweight aluminum with type-II sulfuric anodized finishes, with a black finish on the collar and a gold finish on the clamping lever for added visibility. Aluminium collars are corrosion resistant, lighter than other metals, have low inertia and also have non-magnetic properties. All EPT products will be RoHS and REACH compliant. Available regular sizes for the quick-clamping shaft collars are 0.375” to 1 1.5” in the ” series and 8 mm to 38 mm in the metric series.
Shaft Collar, System of Measurement “, Shaft Locking Type – Couplings 1 Piece Speedy Clamp, Bore Type – Collars Simple Bore, Bore Dia. 3/8 In., Material – Collars Black Anodized 6061 Aluminum, Outside the house Dia. 1-1/2 In., Width .394 In., Clearance Dia. 1.496 In., Screw Size M3, Screw Material 18-8 300 Series Stainless Steel, Operating Temp. Range -40 Degrees to 200 Degrees F, Specifications RoHS2 Compliant, REACH Compliant
The Shaft Collar 1×3/8, 1/2″ for Key Shaft is made from lightweight Aluminum, the two piece design enables you to install these collars anywhere on a shaft without removing components. In addition to reducing the overall weight, the flats permit you to rotate a shaft without marring or gouging the shaft. Merely place the collar on the shaft and tighten both socket-mind cap screws to protect the collar and a wrench and become added to the collar’s flats to rotate the entire shaft/collar assembly.
Manufactured from lightweight Aluminum
Enables you to install these collars anywhere on a shaft without removing components
Just place the collar on the shaft and tighten the two socket-head cap screws to secure the collar
Flats enable you to rotate a shaft without marring
Shaft Clamp china Climax Part C-056-S Establish Screw Collar is manufactured with T303 STAINLESS, which works well in corrosive environments. Measurements are 9/16 in. Bore, 1 in. OD, 7/16 in. Width. It is successful on hard and very soft shafts. This is a Cost effective collar design, and Quickly installed where major disassembly would in any other case be required.
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Black Oxide Plated Metal One-Piece Clamping Collar.
Recessed Screw Head has an outside surface free of key projections for safety.
Design totally engages the shaft without marring.
Greater axial holding electricity than collection screw collars.
Effective on hard & smooth shafts.
Indefinitely adjustable and easy to remove, one-piece clamping collars are usually used on hard or smooth standard round shafts, more than a split hub or on thin wall tube. Through the use of friction to provide superior grip on bars and shafts, solo split collars give sturdier, more reliable results when compared to the set screw style of solid collars. In addition they offer tremendous axial electrical power, while reducing shaft distortion for superior performance and decreased wear and tear.

The collar clamping mechanism works quickly and successfully with simple side opening of the integral clamping lever, positioning the collar on the shaft, and closing the lever flush with the external surface area of the collar. The look of the cam on the lever and the mating machined area on the collar assure a good fit with a maximum axial load of 35 to 120 lbs / 133 to 489 N according to the collar bore size. In situations where higher holding electrical power is usually or clamp axial load is required, the quick-clamping collar isn’t the recommended decision. EPT offers a total line of industry-leading one-piece and two-part shaft collars created for these applications.