Low-Temperature Resistant Chain (TK)

Chain manufactured of specialized material
for excessive low-temperature down to -40??C.
Regular roller chains frequently come to be susceptible to brittle fracture when utilized in temperatures beneath -10??C. We recommend utilizing this chain created of specialized material with higher resistance to cold brittleness when using chains in really very low temperatures. By setting the situations in accordance to the under table of optimum allowable load, the chain can be used in temperatures down to -40??C.
Advised utilizes
?Inside freezers, problems of substantial altitude or cold climates
Selection of chains
The maximum allowable load of Low-temperature Resistant chains differ by temperature. Please refer for the table in the former web page for chain variety. Please refer to P120~122 for other criteria. If used in regular temperature, greater shock resistance is often anticipated in comparison to standard roller chains.
Connecting links and offset links
R connecting links are made use of for Low-temperature Resistance chains #60 or smaller and C connecting links for #80 or greater. There are no offset links.
Regular sprockets can be utilized for Low-temperature Resistance Chain as their dimensions are equivalent to standard roller chains.
Please use lubrication oil for cold resistance for your maintenance on the chain.