gear rack for Aerospace Industry

Internal/exterior involute spline cutting services
Spur/helical gear sets
Involute and directly splined components
Precision surface worm and worm gear sets
Bevel gear sets
Rack and gear rack for Aerospace Industry china pinion sets
Complete mechanical gear design and manufacturing

Often, gear rack is modified to match specific applications. This might consist of drilling and tapping installation holes, cutting to particular lengths or complementing ends of two bits of rack to create a continuous size longer than stock.
Stocked in 4ft and 6ft lengths
The decision of 48 to 3 DP satisfies an equally different array of needs.
Length tolerance allows ends to become matched for easy modification.
We offer integrated manufacturing providers of drive and actuation products along with gear and spline reducing services. We provide fully tested actuation assemblies for customers who rely on our elements for actuation of important aircraft control areas and mechanical systems. Full parts, assemblies, and equipment/spline cutting solutions include:

Ever-Power is dedicated to meeting our customers stated requirements. E mail us today for all of your gear and spline needs.
Gear rack, when used with spur gears, converts rotary motion into linear motion. Equipment rack from Boston Gear is designed to operate with our stock 14 1/2° and 20° PA spur gears.

We produce parts complete, or we can perform only a single operation such as tooth trimming or grinding. For our subcontracted work, you can expect fast turnaround times, so your projects stay on time and within budget.

The product category includes: Flat gears, ring gears, sector gears, rack and pinion gears, internal gears, face gears, planetary gears, cluster gears, hub gears, gear segments, gear shafts, and gear assemblies with; worms; threads; helical, spur and bevel equipment the teeth, cross holes, lightening holes, holes with threads, slot machines, etc.
Right from the start, our engineering department functions closely with you to thoroughly understand your preferences. We’ll review your style specifications and, where appropriate, advise you on matters such as material and performance factors based on the part’s application.