Fluid couplings

Fluid couplings Features:
  Improve the starting capability of electric motor, protect electric motor against overloading, damp shock, load fluctuation and torsional vibration, and balance and load distribution in case of multimotor drives.
  Belt conveyers, csraper conveyers, and conveyers of most types Bucket elevators, ball mills, hoisters, crushers, excavators, mixers, straighteners, cranes, etc.
  Without special requirements the following technical data sheet and power chart are used to choose the proper size of liquid coupling with oil moderate based on the power transmitted and the rate of motor,e,i,the input of the fluid coupling.
  When ordering,please specify the measurements of the shaft ends of lmotor and driven machine(or reducer)including diamenter,tolerance or match of the shafts(if no tolerance or suit is specific,the bores will be machined th H7),fit amount of the shafts,width and depth of the keys (of spot the regular No.enforced).For ordering the liquid couplings with belt pulley,brake puley or othe particular requirements please state the technical data at length.
  YOXz fluid couplings is certainly a coincidence machine with shifting wheel which is certainly in the output point of the coincidence machine and is usually linked with elastic axle linking machine (plum blossom type elastic axle linking machine or elastic pillar axle-connecting machine or also the axle-connecting machine designated by customers). Usually there are 3 connection types.
YOXz liquid couplings is internal wheel driver which includes tight framework and the tiniest axle size.The fittings of YOXz fluid couplings have got a wide usage, simple structure and the size of it has basically be unified in the trade.The bond style of YOXz fluid couplings is that the axle size of it is longer but it is unnecessary to go the electromotive machine and decelerating machine. Just demolish the fragile pillar and linked spiral bolt can unload the coincidence machine so it is extreme hassle-free. Customer must offer the size of electromotive machine axle (d1 L1) and decelerating machine axle (d2 L2). The wheel size (Dz Lz C) in the desk is merely for reference, the real size is decided by customers.
Interest:the smallest size Dp belt tray can perform.the largeat size the dl axle hole may do YOXp type liquid couplings is a connection design of belt tray with hydraulic coincidence machine. The electromotive machine (or decelerating machine) axle straight inserts in the axle hole of the coincidence machine which is suitable in gear transported by belt.Consumer must provide you with the connection size of electromotive machine axle (d1 L1) and the detailed specification and size of belt tray.
YOXm fluid couplings is one which the axle of decelerating machine directly inserts in the axle hole of coincidence machine and the electromotive machine stage ML(GB5272-85) connects with plum blossom type elastic axle linking machine. It is reliable linked and has simple framework, the tiniest axle size which is a common connection enter current small coincidence machine.
  Customer must provide you with the size of electromotive machine axle (d1 L1) and decerating machine axle (d2 L2) as shown in the picture, others if customer do not supply, we will manufacture based on the sizes in the desk.
Attention:L in the table is the smallest axle size.If lengthen the L1,the full total amount of L will be added.d1,d2are the largest size that people can do.
YOXf liquid couplings is a type connected both sides, the axle size of which is longer. Nonetheless it has simple framework and it is simpler and convenient for repairing and amending (unnecessary to go the electromotive machine and decelerating machine but just the elastic pillar and linking spiral bolt can unload the coincidence machine).
The relevant elastic axle linking machine, connecting size and external size is actually the same with YOXe type liquid couplings.