60 roller chain

This #60 roller chain is produced in accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B29.1 specifications and has been produced to the same dimensions because the starting of ANSI/ ASA in 1930. Though 60 roller chain dimensionally the precise same we offer three different quality levels of the #60 roller chain that goes far beyond the standard strength and performance wise.

Economy Plus series #60 roller chain uses heat-treated precision parts and includes a solid roller style for improved performance.
General Duty Plus series roller chain is actually the same except uses a higher-heat treat thus making it better for high-speed and higher load applications.
Premier Series roller chain uses the highest-strength elements that have been heat-treated, shot-peened, and hardened to a maximum. In addition they implement a good bushing solid roller (SBR) design and use a premium-quality lubricant for the utmost durability, strength, and working life.

We stock a wide variety of configurations for #60 roller chain which includes anti-corrosive, attachment chains, and specialty series.