24V DC motor

Commercial motors and commercial motors are made to keep particular systems and equipment running, including home HVAC systems, farm equipment, pumps, and vacuum systems. Motor supplies are accustomed to repair and maintain motors, Stainless Steel Chain improve their efficiency, install them in place, and adapt them for make use of in specific tasks. Electric motor speed controls and soft begins help regulate the velocity of electric motors for ideal control and performance.
Our 24v dc electric motor is well suited for intermittent duty applications with a DC power supply. These motors are designed for high starting and running torque requirements and work well in harsh conditions. Ask our technical sales staff about weatherproofing and ingress safety options.
Speed: 1000-6000 rpm
Rated Torque: 1.0-13.0 in-lbs
Output Power: .03-.42 hp
Frame Sizes: 60, 80, 108 mm
Brush cards or replaceable brushes
Regular brush life of 2000+ hours;