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    Timing pulleys are generally made of steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, brass, and other materials.The inner hole has round hole, D-shaped hole, tapered hole and other forms.The surface treatment has natural oxidation, blackening, galvanizing, color galvanizing, high-frequency quenching and other treatments.The accuracy level depends on customer requirements.

    1. The produced synchronous belt wheels are not only matched with the synchronous belts of domestically produced equipment, but also can be used in place of imported synchronous belt wheels.

  2. For customized timing pulleys, please provide pulley drawings (it is not necessary to draw the tooth profile size of the pulley in the figure). The pulley can be drawn for the user according to the specifications and models provided by the user, the inner hole of the pulley, the keyway, and the width. drawing. 3. Timing pulleys can be processed according to user requirements, and our factory can also make drawings for users.Synchronous pulley characteristics (1) Accurate transmission, no slippage during work, with a constant transmission ratio; (2) Smooth transmission, with buffering and vibration reduction capabilities, and low noise; (3) High transmission efficiency, up to 0.98, energy-saving effect Obvious; (4) Convenient maintenance, no need for lubrication, low maintenance cost; (5) Large speed ratio range, generally up to 10, linear speed up to 50m/s, with a large power transmission range, up to several watts Up to several hundred kilowatts; (6) It can be used for long-distance transmission, and the center distance can reach more than 10m. (7) No pollution, can work normally in places where pollution and working environment are not allowed

Design steps

  1) Simplified design: Determine main parameters such as center distance, modulus, etc. according to the transmission power, input speed, transmission ratio and other conditions of the gear drive.If the center distance and modulus are known, you can skip this step. 2) Geometric design calculation: design and calculate the basic parameters of the gear, and calculate the geometric size. 3) Strength check: After the basic parameters are determined, accurate tooth surface contact strength and tooth root bending strength are checked. 4) If the check does not meet the strength requirements, you can return

Advantages of synchronous belt wheels

  The synchronous belt wheel drive is composed of a closed ring belt with equidistant teeth on the inner peripheral surface and the corresponding belt wheel.During movement, the belt teeth mesh with the tooth grooves of the belt wheel to transmit movement and power, which is a meshing transmission, and thus has various advantages of gear transmission, chain transmission and flat belt transmission.According to the material, the timing belt can be divided into neoprene and fiber rope timing belt, polyurethane and steel wire timing belt. According to the shape of the tooth, it is mainly divided into two categories: trapezoidal tooth and arc tooth. It can be divided according to the arrangement surface of the tooth. It is a single-sided tooth synchronous belt and a double-sided tooth synchronous belt.Synchronous belt transmission has an accurate transmission ratio, no slip, and a constant speed ratio can be obtained. It can be precise transmission, smooth transmission, shock absorption, low noise, large transmission speed ratio range, generally up to 1:10, and allowable linear speed Up to 50m/s, high transmission efficiency, generally up to 98℅-99℅.The transmission power ranges from a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts.The compact structure is also suitable for multi-axis transmission, the tension is small, no lubrication is required, and no pollution, so it can work normally in situations where pollution is not allowed and the working environment is relatively harsh.

Product Usage

  It is allowed to work in contaminated and harsh working environment.Such as: machinery manufacturing, automobile and airplane, textile, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, military industry, instrument, instrument and machine tool, agricultural machinery and commercial machinery transmission.

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